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Recently I was reminded, yet again, of how we tend to take things for granted or not consider all our options. We all do it and it can be very limiting. Let me explain… 
I was talking with a fabrication company that manufactures all manner of, sometimes large, sometimes heavy, components. Things like bridge sections, mechanisms for the oil and gas industries, silo’s and so on. I was on site, in a machinery movers capacity to discuss machinery removals and machinery installations for them as they want to expand and grow. 
It was when talking with the Head of Engineering on the shop floor about what they fabricate that he mentioned that they’re restricted by the fact that their overhead cranes will only lift 16 tonnes. 
I explained that we often work with fabricators who have the same overhead cranes but who manufacture components weighing three, four, five times and more that weight. We’ll use one or more of our hydraulic gantry lift systems to move what they’ve fabricated, perhaps internally or onto transport etc. He gave me that look that said, “That’s so obvious, why didn’t we think of that?” 
They’re now exploring what other work they can pitch for that will make good use of their expertise, knowledge and skills … irrespective of its weight, extending their product and service offering, and helping them grow. 
That conversation bought up all manner of clichés, platitudes and sayings that are true. 
“Think outside the box”, “Don’t let where you are today limit your tomorrow”, “If you don’t ask you don’t get”. “Don’t be limited by your beliefs” 
I thought I’d share this in the hope that maybe it reminds you to encourage a different way of thinking for you and your colleagues. 
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