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The introduction of CLP’s LG132-0750 lifting system into Projector Lifting Service’ fleet of hydraulic lifting equipment makes it possibly the largest fleet in private ownership in the UK. 
More importantly, it is the first system bought that utilises electric onboard motors to power the hydraulics which is in line with the Projector movement towards greener and more environmentally friendly equipment. 
The Italian CLP LG132-0750 hydraulic gantry lifting system is due to be delivered at the end of May and was chosen for several advantageous reasons. This system has the capability to side shift a load in situ which makes it far easier to manoeuvre. The side shift overloading feature means that there is an added layer of safety protect built in to give greater confidence to clients and engineers alike. 
With a lifting capacity of 130 ton to a height of 7.5 metres, this system fits in perfectly with the rest of the fleet. Another distinct advantage for the operator is the remote-control system. With diesel motor driven systems linked with hydraulics, the operator must often rely upon a colleague as he cannot move easily to see the load. Whereas, with a remotely operated control system the engineer can move around and look at the project from any angle. Making the CLP LG132-0750 a far more versatile tool. 
As it is also clean and quiet, far quieter than the alternatives, it can also be used in clean environments where the introduction of diesel, petrol or gas fumes cannot even be considered. 
All in all, the new system will be a fantastic addition to the toolbox for Projector Lifting Service clients. 
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