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Just one of the times where Projector Lifting did what others either couldn’t, or wouldn’t. 
A pump specialist got in touch with us last year and they were at the point of pulling their hair out. 
They had several large, heavy water pumps that needed to be replaced in London … and nobody could figure out how to get the job done without major disruption. 
The pumps were below ground, under a prestigious building and surrounded by large bore pipework, ducting and latterly constructed frames and structures. It wasn't a heavy lift, relative to the work we regularly do, but with the location and obstructions, it was a bit of a nightmare! 
The pump specialists had spoken with no end of different heavy lifting, machinery removal and relocation companies who, having seen the layout, the plans and the site photo’s, declined to submit a proposal. 
Well, at Projector Lifting Service we are known for liking ‘a bit of a challenge’. So we dispatched a surveyor to get a proper look at the project and charged him with coming up with a viable solution. 
Having measured everything, thought it through and discussed it with our engineering team it was decided that we’d had similar issues and that we could complete the project to remove the old pumps and install the new without the need to close down the building and dismantle any of the localised fittings. 
The method statement, risk assessment and plan were all completed and off went our engineers. One day later, the old pumps were out, the new pumps were installed, and it was business as usual in this London location. 
It just took some application of experience, an understanding of the challenges and obstacles and the use of specialist gantry equipment to complete this tricky project. The client was delighted as it was completed with very little disruption, in reasonable time and to their budget. 
Now, what’s next? 
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