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When you think of Toyota, and if you know anything about them, it’ll likely be their commitment to excellence and to systematising and process driving their operations, they’re masters at it. For the next month Projector Lifting are working in one of their plants installing an Engel injection moulder. 
It’s not the first time we’ve installed Engel injection moulders for Toyota. In 2018 one of our engineering teams installed a press with a pressure capability of 2,700 tonnes. The machine currently being installed can exert up to 3,200 tonnes of pressure, so as you would imagine, each piece, each element has to be perfectly aligned, levelled and calibrated. Engels engineers are on site doing what they do best and we’re doing, as you’d expect, the heavy lifting. 
The engineering team are using our 160 tonne and 200 tonne lift systems to install each of the key elements. The clamp base, moving and fixed platens, tie bars and so on with weights of 12, 49 and 55 tonnes all have to be installed accurately before all the cylinders, barrels, robots, Famox die loader and all the other clever stuff can be added. 
It can be a fascinating thing to watch, even if you’re not particularly into engineering, so much so that Toyota are reported to be capturing it all on time lapse recording. If we’re able to, we’ll post a link. 
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