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Hydraulic gantry lifting systems rental, and hydraulic gantry leasing, are available for your short-term and long-term projects. You can choose from a number of hydraulic gantries with lift capacities between 20 and 453-tonnes extending to 10m in the air.  

Compared with other lift systems, a hydraulic gantry lifting system offers a great number of benefits over other lifting options. 
• Their small size but large lifting capacity allows access where space and headroom restrictions make other lifts impossible. 
• There is no need to remove a roof or other obstacles from above the area of lift 
• Multiple point lifts are possible, with the added benefit of allowing loads with an off-centre centre of gravity to be lifted level 
• The rapid setup and derigging time allows for quick, and straight forward, lifts. 
• Hydraulic gantry systems allow generally for a greater lift capacity with low ground loading pressures. 
• Due to these systems having extremely high precision levels, your load can be positioned with pin-point accuracy. 
• Hydraulic gantry systems are inherently safe. As your load is suspended equally between the points of the lift system, it maintains excellent stability. 
When access is difficult, or headroom is restricted, a hydraulic gantry lifting system (often referred to as a jacking system or mini-jack) is absolutely ideal as it can be adapted to solve numerous heavy or awkward industrial lifting problems. Hydraulic gantries are a very versatile lift system as they can be set up under, over, around or adjacent to the load you want to lift. It is often this versatility which makes these lift systems so cost effective. 
Using a hydraulic gantry correctly you can take advantage of the long reach of its hydraulic cylinders, in conjunction with steel beams and tracks, to give you the most adaptable, stable and safe system for lifting, turning, lowering, traversing and tilting your plant and machinery. 
Hydraulic gantry systems are a safe, efficient way to lift and position heavy loads in applications where traditional cranes will not fit or permanent overhead structures make cranes unviable.  
The various hydraulic gantry lifting systems owned by Projector Lifting Service, have a number of unique features to ensure optimum stability and safety: Self-contained hydraulics and electrics, self-propelled planetary drive, and the lift level system which provides the operator with information about the lifting beam staten all serve to ensure a safe and effective lift. 
Accessories are often added to complete the gantry system, such as additional header beams, swivel hook beam, skid tracks, steel supports, side shift systems, load weighing, and other lifting attachments. 
In the past 30 years we've utilised hydraulic lift systems more and more due to their versatility, effectiveness and lower costs. 
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