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Industrial Assembly and Dismantling 

Industrial dismantling or assembly is a key speciality of Projector Lifting.  
Our experience includes the assembly of large injection moulders from component parts weighing in excess on 100 tonnes, process plant and power generating equipment and machine tools. 
Machinery or structural steel works, or perhaps the need to methodically work through heavy and awkward plant to be reconstructed or assembled at a new site including all mechanical and electrical works. 
Whatever your industrial dismantling needs, Projector Lifting Service Ltd can help you with planning, lifting and moving equipment, as well as the labour and the expertise to ensure your objectives are met. So contact us now to find out how. 
All too often equipment or materials that could and should be effectively recycled or reassembled are damaged or made inoperable, when all that was really needed was to use the correct equipment in the most appropriate way. The issue we see all too regularly is the use of a crane when a lift system would be more appropriate, ensuring that pieces that should be straight remain so. A lifting system can be used to lift at multiple points and keep a structure level, which is a key advantage, plus the fact that it can perhaps be used where larger cranes cannot. 
So whatever your industrial dismantling needs, we’d be happy to talk with you. 
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