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What would you like to know about Projector Lifting Service Ltd?  To cut a long story short, Projector Lifting Service Ltd all began when Duncan Rogers, who had been in the business of moving machinery and factory plant removals and installations for decades, was approached by a company that needed a reliable heavy lifting and installation service to complement their heavy transport and shipping enterprise.  So it was that, in 1988 Projector Lifting Service Ltd was founded. Since that time there has been steady growth and the reputation of the company has grown along with it.  There have, of course, been many changes, numerous improvements and an ever-increasing list of impressive and even spectacular projects that have been completed … from installations in Yemen under armed guard, through doors to seal off the engines of the Airbus when being tested, to lifting a complete 80-tonne ship’s wheelhouse so that the hull could be ‘floated’ in underneath.  It may seem a little sad to some that we can still get excited about lifting and installing after all this time but, we’ve always been passionate about it. We do love to solve thorny challenges and we all get a great deal of satisfaction from a job well done.  Contact us now and we'll be happy to help.   

The Commitment You Will Get From Projector Lifting Service Ltd 
When you choose Projector Lifting Service Ltd to partner with you, you have the right to expect, and can anticipate, the following… 
You will be treated in a friendly and courteous manner and you can feel at ease and relaxed when we are working on your project. 
The team you will deal with has more than 157 years combined experience in the heavy lifting industry – so you can have complete confidence that we have the expertise, specialised knowledge, equipment and ability to help you get what you want from where it is to where you want it to be, safely and securely. 
You will not be made promises we can’t keep. 
All your records and your dealings with us are confidential so you can be sure that you are dealing with an organisation you can trust commercially. 
All aspects of your project can be dealt with centrally, providing you with a one-stop solution, which means we can manage all of your needs and ensure things run smoothly for you. 
Where needed we will carry out needs analysis reviews to establish your exact requirements. This means you can be confident that the work we are completing for you is exactly what you want and need. 
Your fees will be agreed in advance so you can be certain that there will be no hidden charges. This means you can calculate your expenditure and have complete confidence that you’ll never be overcharged and will remain on budget. 
If it is this level of commitment you need for your project we’ll be happy to help. 
To discuss your heavy lifting project please contact us now on 01234 240177 or email: 
Projector Lifting Service Ltd - Your Leading Industrial Handling Solutions Contractor 
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