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Projector Lifting Service Ltd

Heavy lifting services must be well planned, often in great detail, to ensure everything works well first time. Whether moving, relocation and installation of machinery and plant or factory it has to be right.

Whether you need a 300-tonne transformer moved across International borders using a hydraulic gantry or you’re relocating machinery such as a 1-tonne injection moulding machine from one side of your factory to the other, with heavy lifting systems you can’t afford to take chances, so don’t!

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You can have complete peace of mind when you choose Projector Lifting Service Ltd to help you with your heavy lifting because you will be getting over 121 years of industry know-how, contract lifting experience, plant removal, all manner of machinery removal and a variety of heavy lift work.

Hydraulic gantry hire rental

Hydraulic gantry rental

Using highly specialised equipment, Projector make sure your objectives are met with the minimum of fuss and disruption.

When you choose Projector Lifting Service Ltd for your lift work you’ll be in good company as Rolls Royce, British Airways, Guinness, Nissan and Toshiba are among those who have relied on our lift work.

You have a choice and we understand that, which is why, when you choose Projector Lifting Service Ltd, we always appreciate it and we’ll do everything we can to ensure you are delighted … that means delivering on all our lift work promises.

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